Introduction to Coding

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Program Type: Technology
Age Group: Teens, Adults
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We live in the information age. Just like the steam engine and the power loom were the engines of the industrial revolution, the computer is the engine that drives the information revolution. Computers driven by programs that we write are the best tools that we have today to process information. Many important jobs and careers of today and the future will go to those who can learn to design, program and maintain the important programs that will drive our economy in this information age. To fully use computers, we have to learn to program them and Python is a versatile, modern programming language that you can use to write an app, build a website, analyze data, control a robot or even build a self driving car.

You will learn to:

  • Write simple programs in Python - which is a powerful modern computer programming language
  • Experience the power of writing programs to make computers perform tasks for you
  • Develop the precision required to communicate with computers which will give you an insight into more structured ways to think and communicate
  • Develop computational thinking skills
  • Discover the pleasure of finding things out by exploring interesting problems through programs you write

No prior computer or programming knowledge required. Familiarity with a computer keyboard is helpful. We will provide laptops for your use or you may bring in your own laptop.

Dr. Varghese John (VJ) is an experienced technologist with extensive scientific research experience and a love for learning and teaching science, technology and mathematics. He has led large global technology teams delivering innovative solutions to complex problems for leading financial service organizations. VJ is passionate about STEM education has worked with people from diverse backgrounds enabling them to discover a love for learning and helping them achieve their educational goals.