Taxes May Change Your Retirement - Improve Your Tax Picture For Retirement

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Many Americans assume that their taxes in retirement will stay the same or go down, unfortunately for most this may not be the case. Historical federal tax rates have been as high as 91% in the 50’s, 70% in the 70’s and 50% in the 80’s. Upon retirement social security may be taxable to as much as 85% to the recipient and required minimum distributions from retirement accounts also can create substantial taxable income. Include pensions, rental property income, capital gains, dividend and interest income and you can see the picture is somewhat unclear on future taxes.

Join us to learn about strategies that can help you get closer to a tax free retirement.

  • If taxes increase in the future, will my chances of outliving my money be reduced?
  • Discover how you can safely build a tax favored position in retirement using methods that have been around for over 150 years.
  • How to prevent my taxable IRA from growing and why.
  • Should I take required minimum distributions early or later.
  • Am I paying too much in taxes now, is there a way to reduce them?
  • What is “The Tax Bridge” and when do I cross it.
  • What tax free vehicles exist and are they appropriate for me.
  • The tax bucket strategy, how diversified am I really.
  • Are Roth IRA conversions right for me, how does this affect my taxes today.
  • What is a 72T distribution and is it right for me
  • By losing my deductions in retirement how does that change my tax picture
  • How will retirement accounts impact my heirs

Presenter: Michael Alimo president of U.S.A. Financial & Tax Services LLC.  Beginning 30 years ago working for many Wall Street brokerage houses, veteran financial advisor Alimo’s last 18 years have been devoted to serving clientele around CT and New England at his USA Financial & Tax Services, LLC.  With a focus on retirement planning and risk management; comprehensive financial planning; investment and portfolio management; wealth preservation and transfer strategies; estate tax planning and education funding concepts.  In gratitude for many years of business and support from customers around the state, Michael remains committed to giving back to the community via informational presentations and educational workshops.  He has hosted many seminars, speaking to groups about a broad array of financial, investment and retirement topics.